What Is a Smart Lock?

by Team eLocal
Digital smart door lock security system with the password, close up on numbers on the screen.

Do you know your local locksmith by name due to your tendency to lock your keys in your house? Installing a smart lock could be a smart move to keep your home secure while reducing the chances of you getting locked out of your home.

What Is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a keyless lock option that makes unlocking your door easier. These door locks are typically Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-enabled and controlled by an app to give you flexible options for opening your door without having a physical key. You can install a new smart lock system that replaces your current deadbolt lock or attach the smart lock to your existing deadbolt.

How Does a Smart Lock Work?

When you install a smart lock, you also download the corresponding smartphone app to give yourself control of the lock. With the phone app, you can easily tap a button to lock or unlock the door. Depending on the model and whether it works via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you may be able to use the app to lock and unlock it from anywhere. That means you can unlock the door for a repair person while you're at work or unlock the door for a dog walker while you're on vacation.

Additional Features of a Smart Lock

Smart locks vary significantly in the features they offer. Some models let you send digital keys to other people for temporary use. You can control when and for how long those digital keys are active. Some smart locks also have other unlocking methods, such as a keypad for code entry, fingerprint scanning or a key slot so you can use a physical key. This gives you backup options or alternative entry methods to fit your needs.


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