The Ultimate Transplant: Everything You Need to Know About Sod

by Team eLocal
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Sod — also called turf grass — is a type of lawn or grass cover that is often used to freshen up yards and gardens. It's easy to install, making it a great option for anyone looking for a fast way to pretty up their outdoor space. Sod consists of small sections of already-grown grass laid down in a single layer, with soil underneath it to help ensure the grass can take root. With the appropriate amount of sun, water and fertilizer, sod can thrive all throughout the year.

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Considering sod for your lawn? Whether you want to add just a patch or you need full coverage, you should know that sod is not the same thing as artificial turf. Sod is a shortcut to growing grass yourself — not a be-all-end-all solution for a maintenance-free lawn once it takes root. Once established, it can bring life and vitality to your outdoor area.

Here are five things you should know about sod before you start your landscaping project:

1. Sod = Instant Green Space

Installing sod is a great way to turn any space green. It's quite literally like having an instant lawn. All you have to do is lay it, and it'll look as great as any seeded lawn — just without the wait. It may still need to be watered periodically, but that depends on your local climate.

2. You Can Install It Yourself

Sod can be installed quickly and easily by both homeowners and professionals. If you do decide to DIY, you’ll need to research which grass types work best in your climate, as well as where to source patches or rolls of sod. Sod typically is sold in either rolls or square pieces, depending on what the customer needs for their chosen space.

3. It’s Important to Choose the Right Type of Sod

When it comes to creating a lovely, green lawn, selecting the right type of sod is an essential element. Making sure it’s the proper kind for your climate and soil conditions is key to ensuring healthy growth and root development. If you pick the wrong type of sod for your region or soil quality, you could spend days or weeks prepping and watering a patchy lawn that may never reach its ideal lushness.

Do yourself a favor: Research your local climate and soil composition so you can purchase the best variety of sod for your space. If you don’t want to go it alone, call in a professional. A pro landscaper or lawncare expert can help you determine what types of grass work best with your climate and soil conditions.

4. Sod Still Requires Maintenance

Installing sod is a great way to get an even and lush lawn quickly. But to ensure its long-term health, it must be consistently maintained. Mowing your grass on a regular basis helps the blades stay at a manageable height and encourages them to thicken rather than extend tall and thin. Watering is also important for keeping the lawn hydrated, strong and resistant to diseases, such as fungus. As with any grass, it’s best to water twice a day or so until your new sod has rooted itself fully into the soil. After that, sticking to twice-weekly waterings should be enough for most climates.

5. A Green Lawn Can Boost Curb Appeal

If you decide to sell your property, having a well-kept lawn goes a long way in enticing potential buyers. Whether you're looking for an immediate makeover or just want to keep up with the Joneses, sod is certainly worth considering.

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