Most homes do not have circulator pumps as part of their standard plumbing system.

Without a circulator pump, there is a wait for hot water because takes a few seconds for water from the water heater to reach the faucet.

A circulator pump provides hot water as soon as you turn on a water faucet, because the pump keeps some amount of water always circulating through the pipes.

A circulator pump in your home will reduce your water bill. The cost of the pump circulating the water is far less than the cost of wasted water.

If you decide that you want to have a pump installed, a professional plumber is needed to do the installation.

A plumber will normally run lines to the faucet furthest from the hot water heater. This insures that all of the faucets in your home have hot water as soon as you turn on any faucet.

The pipes will, most likely, be wrapped in foam to keep them insulated. This will reduce the need to run the pump as often.

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