Replacing and repairing well pumps are two completely different projects.

If you have a problem with a well pump, you need to tell the plumber if the pump is three-phase or single-phase and the voltage of the well.

This information beforehand will save both time and money.

There are varying types of well pump problems: not running properly: not enough water pressure, a pump that runs too much, a pump that runs but does not supply any water, a bad pressure switch or pulsating water on delivery.

An experienced plumber will be able to check the problem and determine if the well pump need to be replaced or repaired.

Well pump repair and replacement is not a job to try yourself it requires the expertise of a professional plumber.

Since everyone needs water, it’s a good idea to regularly check well pumps to ensure they are operating correctly.

If you want to drill a well, you can contact the plumber and arrange for a drilling crew and a plumber to hook up all the necessary plumbing lines, fittings, and the well pump. They are more than qualified to do this and have the proper training and equipment to do the job.

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