Traffic violations can result in losing your license and cancellation of your insurance policy.

The main concern when you receive points for traffic violations is the fact that if your insurance is canceled you will be placed in the “high risk” category.

There are many traffic violations that result in traffic points.

Reckless driving, unlawfully passing a school bus, the improper passing on a hill or curve, exceeding the speed limits, disobeying a traffic controller officer, and possessing an open container of alcoholic beverages while driving are only a few of the traffic violations that result in traffic points.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation and believe that you are innocent, you should contact an attorney who is experienced with traffic law. By scheduling a consultation with an attorney, you can look at the option of fighting the traffic charges and having them reversed or dismissed.

By having the charges dismissed you will stand the best chance of not incurring any points on your insurance.

Additionally, your attorney may discuss the possibility of contesting the charges.