Squatter Rights


old building
Squatter rights or adverse possession is when someone makes claim to property or land because due to long term use never disputed by the owner.

There are varying state laws that govern squatter rights and the length of time required before possession of the property can be legally transferred to the person who was using the property.

In addition to the length of time that the property or land was used, there are other specifics that determine whether or not squatter rights apply.

If you have lived or used a property for a long period of time and believe that you are entitled to ownership of that property, due to squatter rights, then you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. He or she will be able to assess your situation and determine whether or not you meet the qualifications. Additionally, one important determining factor is whether or not the use of the property was open or public and easily seen by outside viewers.

The subject of squatter rights are not only complex but depend upon understanding the meaning of various real estate legal terms.