Powers of Attorney


what are civil rightsIf you are creating a living will or other end time care document, you should seek the counsel of an experienced estate lawyer and discuss powers of attorney.

Powers of attorney enable the person whom you choose, to make life and death (and other important decisions) regarding your care, according to your wishes.

Appointing a person who will hold powers of attorney is one of the most important medical and financial decisions that you can make in preparation for future illness, sickness, or tragedy.

Basically, powers of attorney is just a legal document that gives someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf, should you become unable to state your wishes.

If you are interested in appointing someone as your spokesperson, or grant them powers of attorney in your behalf, you must speak with an experienced estate attorney. The attorney will ensure that you have filled out the legal forms and documents according to current state law. You should discuss all of the implications of granting someone power of attorney with you’re your lawyer before choosing someone to make decisions for you on your behalf.

You should also discuss creating a living will with your attorney.

A living will can be exercised by the person who has been given power of attorney to ensure that your health care directives are enforced and carried out according to your wishes.

There are different types of power attorney. It is important to be informed by a lawyer specializing in this area.