If your washing machine won’t drain, the problem is most likely in the drain hose or the pump.

Since the washing machine is filling up with water, you can rest assured that the motor is working correctly. And if your washing machine spins or runs through a cycle, then you can be sure that the belt is OK.

Since the washer fills and spins, the problem is probably the drain hose.

Be certain that the hose isn’t crimped or kinked.

Lift the washing machine lid and examine the tab that rests under the lid. This tab connects to a switch on the washing machine. If it is broken, the washing machine will turn off and won’t drain thoroughly.

If the tab is broken, you can try to fix it yourself, however, you may find that it is best to have a professional repair it for you.

If the problem isn’t in the lid switch or the drain hose, then the problem may be that the water pump is broken.

This will require the services of a professional plumber.

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