manufacturing defectsManufacturing defects occur when there is a flaw in the creation or manufacturing process of a product.

Every year people are seriously hurt, or even killed due to manufacturing defects.

When a consumer purchases a product, they place a degree of trust in the company and believe that the product they are purchasing will be safe.

However, when manufacturing defects occur, the products are not only unsafe, they can also be deadly.

When someone is injured due to manufacturing defects in a product, they may suffer injuries that require lifelong care and medical treatment. These injuries may be the result of a product that explodes, catches on fire, or has toxic chemical properties.

These types of injuries may require the need of repeated surgeries, medicines, and special equipment to ensure that the injured person continues to live a productive life.

An attorney will ensure that the victim is not only compensated for the injuries that they have experienced but also for the projected amount of care they will need in the future.

Often an injured individual might feel that retaining the services of an attorney would be too expensive and opt to take a settlement from an insurance company.

However, many attorneys will work on a contingency basis, and most will offer an initial free consultation to discuss the case.

If you have been injured by using a product with a manufacturing defect, and feel you have a case, or simply have questions regarding which way to turn…contact an experienced defective product attorney.