Is Pest Control Dangerous to Kids and Pets?


Many pest control products are dangerous to kids and pets, but there are many pesticides today that are family friendly. Nontoxic pesticides are available to save the environment and protect families and pets from accidental poisoning. Pest control is important , but protecting other family members is just as important. The pest control company that follows the guidelines of the PMA and NPMA use only safe and effective pesticides for controlling pests in homes and outside. Wild animals alsol need to be protected from harmful pesticides. This is the number one concern .

Before you hire a professional exterminator, you can ask them what type of products they use and if they are safe for you, your family, and for the environment. More companies are realizing the need for family friendly pesticides. If you try pest elimination yourself, you may be using a product that is not safe for families and pets. You should use a pest control company that uses a pest management plan that is safe and non-toxic. Chemicals not used correctly can cause health issues and endanger the environment and your pets.

If you suspect termites, you can find a professional exterminator that uses the new termite bait systems that are completely safe. If you have rodents, you can choose a professional pest control company that uses safe methods for eliminating the rodents without harm to family and pets. Every exterminator has a different way of eliminating pests and you should find one that you will feel comfortable with. More companies are also turning to “green” pest control. This will only work if pest management plans are designed for such products.