speeding ticketsGetting a speeding ticket is often the first encounter that people have with the police or breaking the law.

Although speeding tickets are common offenses, they are very serious offenses.

It can be very frightening when someone first gets a speeding ticket. In fact, many times a person who is pulled over for the first time has no idea what to do.

When you are pulled over for speeding it is important to be very cooperative, courteous, and polite to the police officer. Never try to outrun the police officer or pretend that you didn’t notice that you were being pulled over.

Make certain to pull as far over to the right as possible. This will enable the police officer to have plenty of room when they get out of their car to speak with you.

Before the officer reaches your car window, roll the windows down and put your hands in plain sight on the steering wheel. If you are being pulled over at night, you should turn the light on inside the vehicle.

This behavior reassure the police officer that there is no suspicious activity taking place inside your car.

If the police officer issues a speeding ticket, sign the ticket even if you feel you were not speeding.

Failing to sign a speeding ticket will give the officer the opportunity to place you under arrest. Instead, you should sign the ticket then contact an attorney who is experienced with traffic law.

If you truly believe the ticket was given to you in error, when you meet with the attorney, answer all questions in an honest and open manner. This will make certain that your attorney is fully prepared to handle your case.