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About Us

  • Pete VandenBerg Custom Home Builder builds custom homes for customers who are looking to build a home not only live in but a home that emotionally connects with your personality and dreams and fits your budgets. Accomplishing this goal is our passion, there is no greater feeling for us than helping people reach that ultimate goal. Pete VandenBerg has been in construction since 1991 and feels blessed to have helped many customers who have found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their life. Many people today find that when looking for a new home they feel forced to settle for what they find rather than pursuing exactly what they want. Many builders offer only a select few floor plans and then charge extra for changes that deviate from that plan. Other home buyers don’t think they can afford to custom build and buy existing homes only to be disappointed with the quality and features of what they purchased. Custom home building is affordable and can be the difference between a average house and a great home. We believe in building the home based on what each customer wants while offering expert advice and superior use of floor space. We use only the finest local craftsman to help build your home and believe in building it right the first time. We don’t like “bargain” materials or workmanship and therefore have the reputation of building a home that lasts and lasts. We don’t take on multiple projects at once so we can focus on each customer and spend the time communicating with them which makes for a smooth project. We also offer a guaranteed price of each project, eliminating the nightmare of cost over-runs. The result of all this is over 100 fantastic homes and happy customers. When you are ready to step up to a custom home we will be ready to meet with you. We look forward to your call and talking is always free. So call us now at (517) 669-HOME, that's (517) 669-4663. See you soon!