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  • We understand the stress of never knowing the next time your basement or crawlspace will be inundated with ground water. Whether youve tried to fix these problems on your own or this is the first time youre experiencing it, let Lawrence Waterproofing help solve the problem for you.Basement WaterproofingOur waterproofing system is designed to keep your basement dry. Water in basements across Illinois have caused headaches for home owners for years. If youve noticed any of the symptoms below in your home,Lawrence can provide a basement waterproofing solution for you.Common basement waterproofing issuesWater seepage where the floor meets the wallWater leaking through cracks in the floorDampness or wetness on basement wallPooling or standing waterCrawlspace WaterproofingWaterproofing issues can be difficult to spot, and even more difficult to solve. Luckily, Lawrence has a solution for you: our waterproofing system will keep your crawlspace dry and provide peace of mind. Common crawlspace waterproofing issuesWater seepage through a crack or holeDampness or wetness on the cement block itselfPooling or standing water