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  • Dr. Tim Chartterley’s career is defined by goals that he’s set and gone out to reach. Dr. Chartterley’s dream of having his own private practice was fulfilled 37 years ago after he graduated from dental school. Aside from enhancing all his patients’ health and self-esteem, his main personal goal is to serve a mission for his church. Dr. Chartterley’s Road to Bright Smiles Dental Dr. Chartterley was born in Pasco, WA. His father was a civil engineer who moved his family frequently to accomplish different engineering projects around the nation. This drive to succeed is something that Dr. Chartterley learned from his father and carries with him every single day. After graduating from Sylmar High School, Dr. Chartterley moved on to Brigham Young University and Loyola University of Chicago School of Dentistry, where he graduated in the top third of his class. Since day one, Dr. Chartterley has always cared for his patients and their oral health and appearance. The greatest feeling he experiences is when a patient is satisfied and lets him know about it. We hope to give you a smile you can be confident with, which is what Dr. Chartterley works for at Bright Smiles Dental. Dr. Chartterley’s Expertise and Experience Dr. Chartterley spent years acquiring the skills that have given him the knowledge to carry on improving smiles for 37 years. He has advanced training in laser periodontal therapy, orthodontics, Invisalign®, and has completed a mini residency in implantology. All of these certificates not only legitimize Dr. Chartterley as a dental professional, but they also prove that he is willing to put in years of hard work to reach a goal that benefits your health! Dr. Chartterley is also fluent in Spanish to ensure that he caters to patients who may feel left out because they can’t find a dentist who speaks their language. Dr. Chartterley welcomes patients of all backgrounds and nationalities. His main focus is to improve your smile in whatever way he can! Make an appointment today to see firsthand just how dedicated Dr. Chartterley is to creating beautiful smiles. When Away from the Office Dr. Chartterley and his wife, Rita, are the parents of six children: four boys and two girls. They also have 19 grandchildren! Dr. Chartterley is an Eagle Scout as are his four boys. He has always been involved in the Boys Scouts of America at many different levels. He served a two-year mission to North Central Mexico for his church, which is where he perfected his fluency in Spanish. He loves camping and fishing, but more than anything, he loves to spend time with his grandchildren. He especially loves to take them to the park. He has always been an avid swimmer and enjoys it as a way to keep himself in shape.