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About Us

  • Teresa Foster Immigration Consultant has been active with immigration services in the Napa Valley for over 25 years, helping immigrants to re-unite with their loved ones through various visa processes, up to and including residency and citizenship; her office serves the immigrant community throughout the state and beyond. Mrs. Foster is not an attorney; she is a consultant, with a bond on file at the California Secretary of State. Teresa Foster Consultora en Inmigración ha estado activa en el Valle de Napa por más de 25 años, ayudando a reunir seres queridos a través de varios procesos de visa de residencia y ciudadanía. Su oficina sirve a la comunidad inmigrante de todo California y aún más allá. La Sra Foster no es abogada; es consultora, afianzada con la Secretaría del Estado de California. Immigration Services Include: Visa petitions of Legal Permanent Resident for spouse, single children Visa petitions of US Citizen for spouse, children, brothers/ sisters, parents Fiancée visa K 3/4 visa Citizenship Citizenship inheritance Adjustment of status Consular processes Family Unity program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Affidavit of support Renewal of Legal Permanent Resident Card Letters of Invitation Waivers & Provisional Waivers Minor authorizations Fingerprints and FOIA Unemployment forms by Internet Applications for passports Photos, translations Infopass TPS and many other services ...