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About Us

  • Power washing and house interior cleaning has acquired major significance in today’s world. Almost every property needs these services more than once in a lifetime. If you are a property holder and you need these services, then visiting our organization will prove to be a good choice. Our company gives these services in the best form in the USA.

    When it comes to power washing, our team saves your valuable time by taking the burden of this task on its shoulders. Under power washing, we use high-speed water to wash the surface. We make sure that at such a great force, your property does not get damaged. Power washing needs great skills to handle the pipe, which throws the high-speed water. Every member of our team is professional in that.

    Along with power washing, comes our other service interior cleaning. With the United practice of our team, this hectic task is reduced to nothing. Our team divides itself in cleaning a different part of your house. After some continuous hours of cleaning, the interior shines as if some magical spell is put on it. Our company makes sure that the whole interior feels new and peaceful.

    The other service includes the installation and repair of the sky-lightning equipment. The skylights are an innovative idea to save energy. Our company helps you with all the problems related to skylights. When it comes to its cleaning, we also provide you that. The cleaning o skylight is not an easy task because of its height, but our team does not just take the contract on this task but also performs it isdedicated. These are not the only services provided by our company; we master in some other cleaning services also like gutter cleaning, etc. The name Squeaky Cleaning refers to all the cleaning related tasks. Performing them by heart is our sole motto.

    If you are looking for cleaning services around Brookfield, Illinois that can do your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing, there is only one company to call. If you don’t already know the answer, then you are in luck, because we have the answer for you. The answer is Squeaky Cleaning.

    At Squeaky Cleaning, we serve all residential and commercial sites and will have any property looking good in no time. Window cleaning can be a difficult and, oftentimes, it a dangerous job. Do yourself a favor and relax. Just call Squeaky Cleaning, and we will have all skylights and windows streak-free in no time. Noticing your dry wall getting damaged because of your clogged gutter? When it comes to gutter cleaning, Squeaky Cleaning has been known for having the best gutter cleaning service around Brookfield. So contact us for your gutter cleaning service. Need a local power washing company for your power washing needs? We can do that for you also, and at a low cost. We also do interior cleaning, should you have the need to have the inside of your home cleaned. When it comes to cleaning services, we can do it all for you at an affordable cost. If there in something here that is not listed, then give us a call and we can tell you what we can do.

    We have the most professional staff members to help you with you cleaning needs. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and have been fully trained to cater to your cleaning needs. We do background checks on all our employees so you know that your home and property is safe. Squeaky Cleaning is fully insured and licensed, so if any damages and injuries occur, we won’t bring it back on you.