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Fact-Check: Social Security Disability


In 2012, less than 35% of SSD applications were awarded benefits, the lowest success rate in over a decade.


If you’re denied, you can appeal up to 5 times, but the process gets progressively more complex. Working with an SSD lawyer will help give you the best chance of being awarded benefits.


When claims are processed correctly the first time, claimants save about 500 days by avoiding the time-consuming appeal process.


Lawyers working on claims cannot charge claimants unless an award is received. If an award is given, lawyers are entitled to just 25% of the claimant’s backpay at a maximum of $6,000, and cannot charge additional legal fees.

What Qualifies as a Disability?

A legitimate disability is any physical or mental impairment, diagnosed by a medical professional, which prohibits you from working full-time and is expected to continue for at least the next 12 months.

How Do You Apply for Disability Benefits?

The application process starts with your local Social Security Administration’s field office. Claims are started in person, over the phone, by mail, or through the office’s online submission process. Once these local offices have received and verified your claim, it will be sent to the state’s office for Disability Determination Services (DDS). DDS will investigate the claim, referring to your medical sources to decide if your claim will be approved or denied.

What Does an SSD Lawyer Do?

The role of an SSD lawyer is to serve as an informed guide and advocate during your disability claim process. In the beginning, their job may be as simple as helping you request medical records and submitting your claim accurately and on time. If you are denied after you initial filing, SSD lawyers will walk you through the appeals process, making sure you do everything in your power to convince the SSA of your claim’s legitimacy.

Why Choose an SSD Lawyer Over an SSD Advocate?

While SSD advocates usually also have extensive experience with claim filing and the appeals process, their understanding of the laws involved is not as thorough. As a result, SSD lawyers are often able to use tools that advocates do not have access to. Often, SSD lawyers are able to more successfully argue for earlier established onset dates, which means higher backpay payouts and more money for you.

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