Wrongful Discharge & Termination


wrongful discharge terminationWrongful discharge & termination occurs when an employee is unfairly and illegally terminated from their job.

There are numerous reasons why someone may be terminated or fired from their job.

Emotions run high during such a situation, but It’s important to understand that not every firing constitutes wrongful discharge and termination.

If you feel you have been wrongfully discharged or terminated from your job, you may find it extremely helpful to write down everything that transpired as soon as you can after the incident. At a later date It may be difficult to recall things that happened or were said.

If you have not been performing your duties as expected and have been fired, that is not wrongful.

However, if you have been fired due to discrimination, then you have a legal claim. Examples of discrimination include being fired for being of a different faith, your gender, race, or if you have a disability. Employees are protected from termination based on discrimination by federal law.

Another example of wrongful discharge and termination includes sexual harassment. If you believe that you were fired because your employer made unwanted sexual advances towards you and you rejected them, then your dismissal is illegal and would be classified as wrongful discharge and termination.

If you believe that you have been unfairly and illegally fired from your job, you should contact an attorney quickly after the termination. There may be a time frame involved should you wish to file a claim.