workplace injury caused by repetitive stress and traumaWorkplace injuries are one of the most prevalent concerns of both employer and employee alike.

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and there have been many laws passed that govern the way a work environment operates.

Laws, rules, and regulations are industry specific to lessen the risk of workplace injury, accidents.

However, there is another type of sickness or injury that occurs despite the company’s best intentions of creating a safe workplace environment. These injuries often are the result of repetitive stress & trauma.

Repetitive stress & trauma occurs when an employee consistently performs the same tasks on a continual basis. This can result in injury to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. These injuries may be the result of continually using a machine, tool, or even computer but are all the result of activities performed while working.

It is very important to treat repetitive stress and trauma injuries as early as possible, however once your condition has been diagnosed and documented by a medical professional, you should speak with an attorney regarding filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation covers conditions that have been the direct result of workplace injuries and repetitive stress & trauma are no exception. However, you will need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that your claim is filed according to the terms and regulations specified by law. Many people have found that their claims for repetitive stress & trauma were denied, until they sought the counsel and experience of an attorney.

If you believe that your injury is the result of repetitive stress & trauma that you incurred on your job, you should speak with an attorney right away. He or she will assess your situation and will be able to advise you in the best course of action. They will also assist you in filing your claim and making sure that you have the proper medical verification needed to have your claim approved.

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