workers compensation insuranceWorkers’ compensation insurance is governed by state law and is used to provide financial compensation to victims of work related injuries or illness.

Employers pay for workers’ compensation and when a person becomes injured and puts in a claim, they receive monthly benefits according to a set financial amount.

Not every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

There are several stipulations that would cause an employer or employee to be exempt.

Small companies or being an individual contractor are a few reasons why someone might be exempt from workers’ compensation insurance.

If you believe that your injury is due to a work related incident than you should contact an attorney who has proven experience with workers’ compensation cases. It often takes the scrutiny of an experienced attorney to determine whether or not your case has a viable claim.

It’s important to realize that you have a legal right to receive workers’ compensation for your injuries.

Unfortunately, there are many employers that do not look favorably upon those who apply for workers’ compensation. In fact, many employers and insurance companies do everything within their power to make sure that a workers’ compensation claim is not approved.

It’s also wise to speak with an attorney if you have been injured on the job, yet have been told that you are not eligible for workers’ compensation.

Some times, an employer may mistakenly classified a worker as an independent contractor, when they are, in fact, an employee.

If this situation applies to you, speak with an attorney. An attorney can help you reclaim benefits to which you are entitled, if it is discovered you are an employee.