Wire Fraud


wire fraudWe live in an age where electronic communication makes it easy to contact people on a global level.

People can pick up the telephone and make a phone call…hop on the Internet…visit websites world wide in seconds.

TV and radio use the power of modern technology to broadcast signals through satellites on a global scale.

Using electronic communications to defraud people of their possessions, money, or property, many people have committed wire fraud.

Since wire fraud can occur across state, local and international lines in the blink of an eye, federal laws and rulings often govern these crimes.

The penalties for those convicted of wire fraud can be steep, including hefty fines and long prison terms.

The penalties increase for those who are found guilty of wire fraud that was targeted against a financial institution. In those cases, the sentence may include a fine of up to one million dollars as well as a prison sentence up to 30 years.

If you have been charged with wire fraud it is imperative that you seek the advice and counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has experience with federal court cases.