whistleHonesty and justice are two qualities that are desirable in every situation, including the workplace.

Unfortunately, not every employer or company operates in a fair and just manner.

An employee who reports an employer’s poor behavior or illegal actions is called a whistleblower.

Sometimes a whistleblower is reporting an incident that they experienced personally, or other times they are reporting actions that they witnessed against their fellow employees.

In certain situations, a whistleblower may have information that pertains to injustices in the area of management and, they may choose to report those issues as well.

No matter what the nature of the criminal activity or behavior, a whistleblower is the person who reports the injustice or deed.

Federal and state laws protect employees from negative consequences for reporting criminal activity.

If you have been fired from your job after reporting improper behavior, or if you have experienced any retaliation whatsoever, you should meet with an experienced attorney who specializes in whistleblower protections.

There are many laws set in place that will ensure that you are protected, however there are processes that must be followed.

You may also find that it is best to speak with an attorney before filing any claims or reports and discuss the situation with the lawyer first. This way, you can be advised in the proper procedure to follow when filing a claim.

Whistleblowers have rights and are protected from harassment, retaliation, or the threat of losing their job for speaking up. If you sincerely believe that your company or employer is breaking the law, then you have every right to report the behavior, without facing consequences.