One way homeowners eliminate rats and mice are snap traps. These work well for snaring a rodent, but you need to bait the trap right or the rodents will not be interested. Rats can take a week or more before even going near the traps, but mice generally take less time. Pest management is the only way to eliminate the rodent population and keep your home safe. A professional exterminator will tell you to check foundations as well as all areas around the home that might allow a mouse to enter. A mouse can enter the home through a hole as small as the diameter of a pencil.

If you try controlling rodent populations on your own, you need to inspect everything and everywhere. Traps are the best because you can get rid of the remains after they are caught. If you use poison, you take the chance that the rodents will go back into the walls to die. Pest control is needed on a consistent basis. Traps need to stay in place for a long time to make sure the infestation is gone. If you use a professional exterminator, you will have better results and you do not need to take care of the rodents that are trapped.

Exterminators may offer other solutions for rodent removal such as a trap box rather than a snap trap. This traps the rodent so you do not have to see it. This is a preferred method of rodent elimination. The pest control company will come to your home weekly or monthly depending on the size of infestation, clean the boxes out and reset them. If you have a rodent problem, it is best to call a licensed and experienced exterminator to eliminate the rodents and save you the aggravation.

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