Farmhouse, triple bowl, vessel… those aren’t names of skateboarding tricks or ski runs.

Weirdly enough, they’re sink designs!

When it comes to home design, people may think of everything but the kitchen sink. But that’s too bad, because there’s lots of funky potential that makes your sink more than just a holding tank for dishes.

We’ve scoured the internet for awesome kitchen sink designs and we’re excited to share our findings. It doesn’t seem they’ll ever run out of cool kitchen sink ideas.

This is the kind of sink that makes you wish you were 20 times smaller, just so you could take a dip into a tap water pool!

This serpentine style, guaranteed to start conversation in your kitchen, was found over at

This copper undermount goes great with camouflaged kitchens. You know, the ones with the wooden fridges and whatnot.

Or it can just act as an unassuming rustic accent. It may not be the most practical, however, as everything has to go in one bowl with no separation.

But hey, style trumps function! (Found at Lowes.)

This three-bowl kitchen sink is perfect for the super-organized, detailed types who like to keep everything in order. We like the unusual black color and the not one, not two, but three, sections!
(Also found at Lowes.)

This enchanting sink is hardly a kitchen utility – it’s the kitchen centerpiece! Imagine the character this will give your favorite room (we’re assuming the room with the food is your favorite).

(Found at – you’re surprised there are this many places to get weird sinks, right?)

New visitors might try to pick this sink up, so give them a little warning as you show them around the house.

This is not a bowl; it’s true-blue, heavy duty wood sink.

(This super-bowl was spotted at

This twist on the practical stays pretty and stylish. It’s sleek, modern, and lots of other great adjectives that make it not-your-ordinary sink.

(Resides in its native habitat at

If I had a nickel for every time I wanted to combine my cutting board with my sink, I’d have no nickels.

But for someone out there, this sink is a dream come true. It’s also above-the-surface, which is weird, but in a cool, sophisticated kind of way.

(Image courtesy of

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