The Wonder of the Web: The Best Way to Catch Customers


Consumers search for virtually everything they need through the Internet. With more and more business being generated through web searches, having a website for your business is now just as important as having a phone number.

A website can act as the foundation for your business, provide customers with vital information, increase your credibility, and serve as a way for customers to communicate with you on their own time.

Without a website, you are excluding a huge number of consumers that depend on the internet to make a value judgment on a company. In an age where most consumers surf their way toward decisions on what services and products they will purchase, it may cost you more to not have a website than it will to create one.

What To Include
Your website should provide every bit of company information that a customer needs to know before they pick up the phone. A good website will provide potential clients with information about services, operating hours, pricing, company history, credentials, and examples of your work. Having this information readily available increases your chances of getting calls for actual work instead of just requests for information about your service area.

Benefits of Having a Website
One of the most important benefits of having a website is that is provides credibility.
Whether your business is new or well-established, a professionally designed website gives the impression that your company is well established and organized. A website also will give your business a sense of stability in your customer’s mind. If they require additional information about your company, or need to look up your phone number, they can simply visit your website to obtain this information.

Nearly all successful businesses today have websites, so in order to keep up with your competition, a website is a not only a useful investment, but a necessary one. This is especially true when advertising in online directories where your competitors could be listed right next to you.

In order to gather information before making a decision, online savvy customers will check out other companies’ websites. If your competitor has a website and you do not, who do you think is more likely to get the job?

A well-organized website can also give you more space to share information about your company than an ad or a brochure does. Websites often include photo galleries, customer testimonials, maps and directions, special deal announcements, staff credentials, industry awards, and much more. When compiling information for your website, be sure to include any or all of these elements to help a customer make an informed decision about your company.

Improve Customer Relations
Websites offer potential clients the advantage of searching for your company information at any time of the day.

Regardless of your operating hours, a website is always open to assist your customers. Adding a page on your website where customers can email you directly to get a quote, submit a question, or schedule a service is a great way to maximize your business. Customers will appreciate that you have offered round-the-clock options for communication and information.

Make your website even more useful to customers by including resources such as ”how to tips” and industry trends. By providing this information, you’ll add value to your site and also increase the chances that customers will return to your site. Posting information such as how to care for products or DIY mistakes to avoid will also make you seem like an expert in your field and add value to your business and your site.

No matter what reason you choose for why your company should have a website, the bottom line is still that websites are a great resource to you and your customer. While a website can be used by a customer to gain information about your company, it will also generate leads. An attractive website will lure customers into finding out more about your company. Capture their interest and need for your service by incorporating a section where customers can email you directly from the site to ask questions or schedule a job.

Keeping a current and easy-to-use website is the best way to make the most of your online presence.

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