Have water heater questions? Here are some solutions.

1. Why is the water dirty?
Over time, contaminants can build up at the base of the water heater and ultimately filter into the running water. Drain and flush the water heater tank regularly to help prevent this problem.

2. Why is the water too hot?

Regulate the temperature to the desired setting and reset the water heater.

3. Why isn’t the water hot enough?
Adjust the thermostat and reset the water heater. Consider testing the thermostat itself to double-check.

4. Why isn’t there enough water?
Reset the high-temperature cutoff and test the thermostat and heating elements. Replace if faulty.

5. Why is the water heater tank rusty?
Unfortunately, it’s time for a new water heater ☹.

6. Why are there rumbling and/or tinny sounds coming from the tank?
Drain and flush the water heater. Replace damaged parts.

7. Why is my water heater leaking?
Consult the pressure relief valve to see if it indicates a leak. If not, replace the valve. Make sure the heating element gasket is in good condition. Tighten and replace the gasket, if necessary.

8. Why is the water hot for only a short period of time?
Consider replacing the dip tube.

9. Why does the pilot light keep going out?
Replace the thermocouple. This often requires professional help.

A good plumber can answer any of these water heater questions. Always consult a professional if you run into any problems.

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