As I stated before I love roofs. I drive down the street and I look at each one and try to identify it just to make sure I still ‘have it’.

I haven’t been in the field for 15 years, so I no longer schlep clay tile to job sites in million dollar neighborhoods. The million dollar neighborhoods are where you get to see the best residential roofs. (Sorry commercial roofs, your beauty is found in your details and that is an acquired taste).

I have the good fortune to live in Southern California. There is a veritable smorgasbord of over-the-top roofs. The older the neighborhood is the better the roofs, but as we are a young country, the best we can do is about 125 years out here.

Beverly Hills and Pasadena are two of my favorite neighborhoods to drive around in and look at roofs. I just feel cheated when the house is so far behind gates that you can’t see what’s on the roof. What’s up with that?

Take a look at the photos below, which I took on a Christmas weekend drive in Newport Beach. What decision did the owners and architect make when they wanted to create a one-of-a-kind home? I don’t know if it’s good manners to take photos of someone else’s roof. So, I just shot the pictures and hauled buns ‘outta there.

How much did that cost the homeowner? Who did the installation? Did the architect design it? Did the roofer get carte blanche? I think it’s a whale.

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