Trenchless technology is a new method of repairing or replacing an underground pipe without having to dig into the ground.

For homeowners, this technology now offers a way to fix your plumbing problem without having to excavate your entire yard or street.

Trenchless technology is the new future of underground sewer repair.

Trenchless technology has allowed many countries, including the United States, to veer away from digging up roads and properties to install piping.

With the growing concerns with contaminated water, tree roots growing into the sewer lines, and the ground shifting, the new trenchless technology offers a solution to the problem.

The way a plumber would perform a job with this trenchless technology is to insert the new piping into the existing pipes and then expand them to completely fit the pipe. The materials hold up against tree roots, potential contamination and ground shifting.

Qualified plumbers work with these materials and can install them in less time and with less cost anywhere. The installation and curing of the pipes requires knowledge and proper training, which professional plumbers learn as the market changes.

If you have problems with sewer pipes in your area, there is now a solution to the continued problem.

If you are a business or property owner, you can request a plumber to talk with you about this new technology, all municipalities have different codes and regulations before any work of this type can be done.

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