Many breeds of home security systems have emerged over the years. They range from motion detectors that can easily be installed by a weekend DIY warrior to professional systems that require trained specialists for installation and monitoring.

Even more, some systems allow the homeowner to monitor their home from afar via their cell phone. All of these options are appearing for good reason. According to the The Chicago Tribune, 80 percent of homeowners with alarms rated their systems as effective in protecting their homes.

But with so many options readily available, choosing an effective security system becomes all the more difficult. Money and time are both concerns to keep in mind. Installing the system yourself can be cheaper, but may be less effective than the more sophisticated systems installed by professionals. Even more, a security system that you monitor from your phone may become a large distraction and source of paranoia. Yet home security systems monitored by security system companies can be expensive. Our home experts gave us some great tips on keeping our homes safe.

Practical Advice

Security systems can be very effective in stopping a burglary or other crime on your property. But it is equally important to stop the inspiration for such a crime in the first place. Taking proper precaution when you leave for vacation is huge. Additionally, your home should always appear locked up, but with a certain degree of livelihood (i.e. turning on the television, radio, and/or installing automated lights). Attorney Shane Fischer of Fischer Law, explains further,

“A lot of burglaries are crimes of opportunity; that is, the victim will leave his garage door open, or forget to close a window; or will post Facebook pictures of their lovely vacation (which tip off a burglar that you aren’t home). The burglar will see the victim leave his garage door open as they walk into their house, and will run in the open garage, grab a power tool, then run out..”

Security System Features

While taking practical steps to keep your home safe can deter crime on your property to a certain extent, a home security system can take it to the next level. Security systems can be connected to local police stations, getting law enforcement to your home much quicker if a break-in occurs. Brian Frost of Vector Security expands,

“Internal alarms may make a would-be burglar speed up their search in your home for fear that someone may hear the alarm. External alarms can be heard by the neighbors easily. This may or may not be advisable. External alarms may violate noise pollution laws. Check with your local Police Department.”

While it is important to abide by noise pollution laws, alarms can obviously deter theft and serious harm to your home or family.

Words of Caution

To install a sophisticated alarm system, the installer must have an intimate understanding of how the alarm system operates. Therefore, security system employees can be a possible threat to homeowners. Wayne Caswell of Modern Health Talk gives us gives us some great advice for protecting our homes,

“That’s when I learned about motives and skills and how amateurs are easily scared off by the higher risk of homes with a security system. (Actually, I didn’t have to install an alarm. I just added stickers on doors & windows saying I did.) Alarms, however, don’t deter professionals with skills learned from internships at alarm companies. They know how to circumvent them. That’s why I don’t trust home security monitoring services and would surely not have the same company to do the installation. I don’t want them knowing what type of protections I have installed.”

Using a different company to install your alarm system could be the needed step to ensure your security system is not disarmed by a “professional burglar.”

Home security systems can be a great tool in keeping our homes safe. Just remember that nothing is 100 percent effective. Simple things like locking your windows and keeping vacation dates vague are very important steps as well.

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