Sustainable Materials: Home Expert Awards


Sustainable building materials represent the future of home improvement, in large part because of their positive impact on the environment. According to a recent industry report, “commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions.” Through greater use of sustainable materials, professionals and consumers can reduce waste and help protect our valuable natural resources.

Fortunately, many sustainable materials have other benefits as well including aesthetic value and affordability. As a result, environmentally friendly building products are expected to only become more popular in the coming years. Last year, “’green construction’ worldwide was estimated at nearly $70 billion.” In the next 4 years, that number is expected to more than double. To find out how these global trends are affecting consumers and professionals at the individual level, we turned to our panel of experts.
Our home improvement experts have weighed in on their own experiences with sustainable building materials. See some of the most inspiring comments below, and check back later in the week for a comprehensive review article on the future of sustainable materials.