Termites will infest homes if there is no food source outside for them to feed on. Old tree stumps, woodpiles and deadwood attract the termites that live underground. You might not think you have termites anywhere in your yard, but the fact is that termites are found on every acre of land, even in the city. Once they have devoured deadwood and other outside wood products, they will move to your home. Brick homes are not safe from termites because there is wood in the home. The thing about termites is that they are not fussy about the wood they eat. Your furniture is a prime target as well as your wood beams and trusses.

A pest control company is needed to eliminate the termites. You cannot do this type of exterminating yourself. Exterminators should give you an estimate that includes the extent of your infestation, and they should present you with a pest management plan to keep the termites from causing any more damage. Your home will have to be checked many times over a period of a year to make sure there are no more signs or evidence of termite activity. Exterminators will come to your home and spray a pesticide specially made to eliminate termites.

Exterminating termites is not a project that a homeowner should attempt to do. There is more to eliminating termites than one thinks. Professional pest control is done in a safe way with the proper materials. If you think an over the counter pesticide will work, chances are you are not going to succeed in eliminating the infestation. They will keep devouring your wood structure and populating in your home. Have a professional exterminator inspect your home and determine the best method for freeing your home of the unwanted termites and assessing the damage that has already happened.

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