Toilet flushes slowly? What could the problem be? There are a number of reasons why your toilet may not be flushing properly. Knowing how to troubleshoot the problem properly will go a long way towards finding the eventual solution. So instead of sitting around, asking yourself, “Why does my toilet flush slowly?” you should be working on the solution.

When the toilet flushing slowly becomes a problem, one of the first things that you should check is the back tank of the toilet. Make sure that the reservoir tank is filling up completely each time that you flush. Over time mineral build up will occur in your tank and this may be causing the float to close prematurely. Simply cleaning any mineral buildup or replacing a part or two should solve the problem if this is the cause.

But more often then not a slow flushing toilet is caused by what is leaving the tank, not what is in the back of the tank. There are many reasons (which we don’t need to get into here) why toilet drains clog. When you notice that the drain is clogged reach for your plunger, make a secure seal to ensure maximum suction and get to work. Properly using a plunger should clear most clogs within a minute or two.

If the clog does not clear after using a plunger for a few minutes it is recommended that you call a professional plumber. Chances are that if your clog cannot be cleared quickly by plunging, you have a more serious problem on your hands.

A plumber will be able to use a snake auger to clear the drain, or, in a worst-case scenario, have to remove part of the drain itself. Homes with old, iron pipes should be inspected (and possibly replaced) as they have the potential for habitual problems as they age.

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