A shower remodel is a big part of a bathroom renovation. Before you begin to make plans on what you would like to do, it is important to consider your options. You may have an idea in your head about the exact look and feel of your new shower. Or you may not have any idea in mind other than to replace the existing shower. No matter what you would like the final outcome to look like, it is important to understand what your different options are in terms of style, price and construction.

I have a downstairs bathroom with a toilet and a shower. The bathroom was installed by the previous owner and he installed everything himself. It was a non-traditional set-up to say the least and my wife and I knew that we would need to replace the shower at some point.

Because of the dimensions of the bathroom and the price point we were in, we decided to purchase and install a prefabricated shower stall. For us, this was the perfect option. However, for the upstairs bathroom, we decided to go in a different direction.

Our upstairs bathroom was a different story altogether. In that bathroom there was an existing bath with a shower. Access to the pipes was covered by plain white tile. In order to replace the existing plumbing and fixtures, we were going to have to pull down the tile and cut out the drywall. Because we would need to replace the tile anyway, we decided to do a tile shower upstairs. This was a more difficult project than the downstairs shower remodel and required us to call in a professional plumber.

I’m glad we called the plumber because he immediately noticed an existing leak which he quickly repaired. Now I have two very different bathroom showers that are not only functional, they also increased the value of my home.

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