Shower pans often need to be replaced or repaired.

If you notice grout missing in places, a gap between the wall and the tile, water leaking from the pan to the lower floor, or discoloration of the flooring it’s time for repair as soon as possible.

Shower pans replacement can be done without altering your current shower setup.

This is a project that should be handled professionally so no further problems occur during the process.

Most shower pan problems come from missing grout or separation from the wall.

Older showers were made with sheet rock, and the pans made with cement and wire lath. These older pans don’t hold up well to the movement that occurs when someone is taking a shower.

The shower pans that are made today have a slight slope that prevents standing water, which can eat away at the grouting material, causing the shower to leak.

A plumber will first test for the source of any leak, checking to make sure the drain isn’t the cause of the problem.

Calling a licensed and experienced plumber is the best step to take. A professional plumber can assess the problem and know how to correct it.

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