When you hire a roofer to work on your roof, you should ask them if you need to be home while they work.

Typically, they will tell you that you do not need to be home.

Roofing work or repair is noisy. Due to this reason, many people prefer to leave their homes and return when the work is complete.

But, some people simply do not feel comfortable leaving their homes while any work is being performed. It’s a personal decision a homeowner must make.

Some roofers will prefer you remain at home because they will need to use inside power to perform the work. Other roofing contractors may use an outlet that is outside while still others may use a generator.

If the roofer is going to use an indoor plug for their power source, many homeowners may feel more comfortable staying home while the roofing contractor completes the work.

Again, this is a matter of personal preference.

If you are going to leave your home and allow the roofer to have access to the inside of your home. Check references to ensure that the roofing contractor is trustworthy.

You should take the time to ask the roofer any questions that you may have involving the work they’ll perform and their policies for handling any debris that results from their work.

Many homeowners will not be delighted to leave their home while work is in progress only to come home and find that their prize winning rose bushes have been trampled or that their backyard is overrun with shingles, plywood, and other materials.

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