This week we are looking into divorce trends. We are curious about the frequency of divorcing early in the marriage, rather than later into the marriage. It seems that people are waiting to marry until they are a bit older, and we are wondering if this trend has any effect on divorce rates. We are also aware that the poor economy has affected almost every facet of our lives. Has the economy even had an effect on divorce? We have a feeling that some couples are remaining in unhappy marriages because of financial reasons due to the volatile economy.

In addition to divorce rates among varying age groups and financial backgrounds, we wonder if there are any geographical trends in divorce. Do some areas have a reputation for divorce, while other parts of the country are known for lasting marriages? Lastly, we wonder if certain times of the year see a spike in divorce? Are unhappy couples suffering through the holidays together and divorcing at the start of the new year, for example?

Why We’re Asking:

Divorce rates are high, and have been for decades now. We want to be aware of specific divorce trends, and which groups are most at risk. Even more, we want to know why it is so expensive to divorce? Which legal steps can unhappy couples take to save money on attorney fees?

We look to our Legal Network Members to learn more:

Are there seasons for divorce?

Who in the marriage typically files for divorce?

How should couples go about property division?

Does marrying later in life lower the risk for divorce?

Has the poor economy discouraged divorce due to financial reasons?

How can couples save money on attorney fees when filing for a divorce?

We look forward to learning more about divorce from our legal resources.

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