Every spring, you should check your home’s foundation for cracks and holes. If you find any, you need to repair these areas to prevent pests from entering the home. You should also check the exterior of the property to make sure you do not have wood sitting directly on the ground or any materials that could attract rodents, insects or other annoying critters. Look for gaps in windows, door frames and any holes in screens. Any flaw in your home’s exterior or surrounding property should be corrected immediately. If you want to prevent spiders or ants from entering your home, preventive pest control needs to be done.

Pest management can help stop future infestations. Have an exterminator or pest control company come to your home and inspect your homes exterior and interior. They can recommend a pesticide for outside the home’s foundation that can prevent certain insects from entering. You do not want to try this yourself because you are not trained in the use of pesticides. Pesticides are very dangerous to family members and domestic animals if not used properly. You need to have a professional exterminator or pest control company that works with pesticides and has the training needed to protect you and the environment.

Some advice exterminators give to property owners to protect them against infestations is to not place bird feeders by the home, keep garbage in trashcans and keep yards free from debris. If you need extra assurances, you can have foundation pesticides used to prevent spiders, ants and other insects from entering your home. If you have had any pest problems in the past, you may need to have an exterminator come in and do some preventive pest management to prevent any problems from happening again. Prevention is the best way to avoid any future infestations.

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