school dress code enforcementDress code enforcement is a vital aspect of education.

When students focus on appearance more learning, grades can slip, and the chosen clothing can contribute to tension and even violence among the student body.

Most school boards across the country feel that these issues can be prevented by enforcing a uniform dress code.

Every school district is different and this includes how each school will handle issues regarding dress code enforcement.

Some schools may be more lenient while others will enforce a zero tolerance dress code where a student arriving in school in the wrong dress will either have to change clothes in school or be sent home.

Dress code enforcement is designed to help prevent trouble from occurring within the school setting, but it should never be used to make children feel inadequate or violate their sense of self or infringe on their civil rights.

If you have encountered any situations with the school board or your child’s teacher and are worried that your child’s rights may have been violated you should schedule an appointment with a lawyer who specializes in education law.

No matter what your situation, meeting with a lawyer is the only recourse that you have to determine then next step you should take. If your child’s civil rights were actually violated, taking legal action may be the only choice that you have.