This week, the Republican National Convention will kick off in Tampa, Florida in spite of a forecast which predicts that Tropical Storm Isaac is headed that same direction. It’s the middle of hurricane season for the south-east region of the country and many homeowners are prepared for the worst, taking every precaution they know of to help prevent damage to their house. But, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, causing massive damage and leaving many families scrambling to put their homes back together.

Why We’re Asking:

In the days after a severe storm, homeowners are desperate to get their home repaired. Broken roofs, bursting pipes, and unstable electrical systems are just the beginning. During the rest of the year, finding someone to repair these problems might come after a comprehensive search, checking references, questioning friends and doing research online; all steps that don’t seem as important when a 10,000 lb. tree is couch surfing in your living room. The problem is, some repair specialists choose to capitalize on desperate families, doing quick, faulty repairs, overcharging and handing out false information. We want to find out how homeowners can manage patience and good judgement to choose the best repair specialist when they think they have no other choice.

So design experts, it’s time to weigh in:

How Can Homeowners Avoid Getting Ripped Off After a Storm?

How to Protect Yourself from Getting Ripped Off after a Storm?
What special questions should you ask repair specialists who are performing storm damage?
How can you ensure that the professional you’re choosing will work with your insurance?
Should you be wary of service companies that come knocking as soon as the storm is over?
Are local companies the best way to go even if they can’t get to you as soon as others?
What should homeowners look for to determine if a company might have poor service or a history of fraudulent repairs?

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