sales taxSales tax fraud is a very serious crime and should not be taken lightly.

If the IRS has accused you of sales tax fraud or other fraudulent activities, you can be sure that the IRS has been working on their case against you and have spent a good deal of time checking your personal records, business transactions, and accounts.

Your first line of defense is to meet with an attorney.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the attorney you choose also has experience handling tax or IRS trials as well. Specifically, you will want to contact an attorney who has proven experience in federal criminal defense cases involving the IRS.

Sales tax fraud is a complicated matter, and much more than simply not paying a bill. However, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an independent entrepreneur who has been running a business online; if you’ve been accused of sales tax fraud, you need representation.

In fact, since the Internet has enabled many people to operate their businesses from a virtual location, the issue of sales tax fraud has been pushed to the forefront. Many Internet companies are aware that they do not need to collect sales tax since they are running their business virtually, however there are certain situations where sales tax is to be required. It is important for consumers to understand how sales tax laws govern their states as well.

If you run your own company and are facing a sales tax audit, you must schedule a consultation with an experienced tax attorney. Do not make the mistake that so many others make and believe the problem will go away if you ignore it. Time is of the essence. The IRS is building their case against you; begin planning your defense with your attorney.