rewiring properlyWhen it comes to re-wiring, the most important aspect of your project is safety.

A rewiring project should always be performed under the experience and guidance of a professional, licensed, insured electrician.

When wires are faulty and homeowners attempt to rewire their home themselves, they run the risk of causing fires.

Because it is important to understand the way in which electricity works, it is never recommended for homeowners to attempt these projects, unless they have proven experience in these areas.

There are two major projects that may require rewiring. An appliance or fixture is broken. Your home needs to be rewired.

Since the risk of fire and electric shock are great with all rewiring projects, it is important to have a professional, licensed, insured electrician handle the project. If your home needs to be rewired, you will need a new electric panel installed and possibly new outlets as well.

There are specific codes that must be followed when a new panel is installed and it is imperative that a qualified and licensed electrician handles this work. If your home requires additional outlets, an electrician can perform this work and ensure that your home is safeguarded from hazards such as fire or electric shock. New outlets cannot be added to existing circuit breakers.

This work is very technical as well as dangerous and requires experience and technical knowledge. When an older home needs rewiring, it can be extremely dangerous to use the circuits without investing in new wiring. It is very easy to overload the existing circuits and this can lead to serious consequences, such as fire or electric shock.

Safety is the main concern when rewiring. Don’t try to take shortcuts instead of hiring a professional to rewire your home.

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