Resources for Electricians: Expand your Job Options


Electrician Company Spotlight:
Every so often, eLocal will showcase a business that can be of additional value to its contractors.

This month we focus on Electrician’s Paradise, an online resource page that helps electricians grow in their field and move into adjacent, closely-related segments of work.

Resources for Electricians: Expand your Job Options in a Slow Economy

Electrician’s Paradise provides information to help electricians move into new sectors of the electrical industry. This is an ever-increasing trend, especially since the economy has left thousands of electricians jobless. Some related fields that Electrician’s Paradise instructs on are low voltage wiring and communications work. Information is provided on subjects such as wiring Ethernet and broadband, PLCE programming, fire alarm work, and other niche electrical work. Let’s look at some of the site’s most useful features.

Wiring How-To’s: From conventional residential wiring to low voltage wiring, Electrician’s Paradise has a number of how-to guides, focusing on installation, best practices, and education. There are how-to articles for industrial, low voltage, residential, Ethernet, and garage door wiring projects. The articles are long and thorough, giving detailed step-by-step procedures and tips on how to stay safe.

Exam Prep: Site owner David Herres is a master electrician himself, so he knows all the in’s-and-out’s of passing the electrical exam. He provides practical tips that every tester should follow, such as how to make the most of the exam’s “open-book policy” and what you should really focus your time on studying and memorizing.

Electrical Definitions and Theorems: Electrician’s Paradise also covers the basics of electrical theories and practices. The definitions and theories are easily organized and broken down by title or word. There are also notation summaries, formulas, and complete explanations, laid out in layman’s terms.

Helpful Tips: Since Herres has been a master electrician for many years, he’s accumulated a lot of useful tips and tricks to succeed. Some of the best are in his “Work-Saving Ideas” section. It includes insider tips and suggestions, such as using a pencil eraser to remove high resistance oxide coatings.

Books for Electricians: Electricians Paradise is unique in that it has an original copy of the 1897 first US Electrical Code available for printing. In addition, it recommends books for further reading and education. Besides the normal electrical standards books, such as the 2008 NEC Handbook, it also recommends books that focus on specific topics in the electrical field, such as fire alarms and low voltage education books. Electrician’s Paradise recommends about 50 books, helping electricians find the best quality information in the industry.

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