Last week, we asked our experts for their best advice on how to help homeowners fight clutter and keep their homes organized. One of the most common bits of advice we got was to just throw things away. You don’t need all that junk you’ve got lying around. But sometimes, throwing things away is more complicated than you might expect. What’s recyclable? How do you properly dispose of old electronics or other non-standard refuse? What things can be upcycled into stylish and useful new house items?

Why We’re Asking:

Far too often, homeowners end up keeping things that they no longer want simply because they aren’t sure how to throw them away. Who doesn’t have a pile of old cell phones or an out-of-date television hidden away in a corner somewhere? Throwing things away can be a lot more complicated than you’d think. And some of those trash items might be better utilized in an upcycling project, to give them a second life. Our experts have seen it all, and we want to hear their suggestions.

So tell us, experts:

How do you know when to recycle, upcycle, or remove old junk?

Are there any items that people might be surprised to learn are recyclable?
How can homeowners find the proper place to dispose of old junk?
Do you have any favorite upcycling projects?
What items do homeowners seem most confused about when it comes to disposal?

Disposing of old junk can get complicated quickly, but it is vitally important to ensure that it is always done correctly. Choosing the right way to trash your junk is good for you and the environment.

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!