Termites live and thrive on nearly every continent on the planet, and there are a lot of them. In fact, the biomass (combined weight) of termites is 445 million tons. Meanwhile, the biomass of all humans on the planet is around 350 million tons. In short: they’re bad news.

Termites outnumber us, outweigh us by millions of tons, and they need to eat. That’s bad news for homeowners for a variety of reasons, and one of the reasons the cost of termite treatment by professionals is well worth it. Some of those reasons are obvious, intuitive, and well-known, others you may not be aware of yet… but you should be.

Termite Damage Costs… A Lot

Every year in the United States alone homeowners (wisely) spend billions on termite control treatments. And again, it’s money well spent as the annual cost of damage done by termites in the U.S. alone tops $5 billion. The individual cost of a termite infestation is often pretty high as it’s typically not noticed until visible damage has been done. Treatment and repair can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Termites Can Be Bad for Your Health

Believe it or not, there’s an even better reason to look into professional inspection and termite treatment cost in your area than it being able to save you a whole lot of money. A termite infestation in your house can be bad for your health.

When termites eat the wood used in your home’s construction, the new gaps and cavities they’ve created often draw in moisture. (Wallpaper and paint bubbling up in an area can be a sign of moisture in the wall from an infestation.) Their breaking up the wood can also release and transfer mold and fungi spores. Newly mobile spores and moisture can result in mold growth that can range from irritating to extremely dangerous. The particles they produce from wood, their droppings, their nests, and anything they eat or move through can trigger allergies and even be dangerous for those with asthma.

Termites Are Hungry and There’s a Lot of Food

When they’ve got the choice, the average termite will eat wood, but they’re not all that picky. If wood isn’t available, they’ll eat anything with cellulose. Unfortunately for homeowners, that includes a whole lot of material both used in a home’s construction and stored inside it.

Termites will eat any wood, including wood furniture and molding, as well as wallpaper, drywall, sheetrock, some plastics, clothes made of cotton, cardboard boxes and the documents and pictures inside them, books, newspapers and clippings, and a lot more. To avoid risking your health, losing money, parts of your home, and the things you value inside it, read up on the signs of termite infestation. If you even suspect you may have termites, contact pest control professionals immediately for a home assessment.

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