When buying property for the first time, there’s a lot that the average future homeowner doesn’t know, and many different industries they’re going to be dealing with for the first time. Some homeowners don’t understand the process well enough to even ask the right questions. To help out, we’ve decided to tackle a question that many people looking to buy property don’t know enough to ask: how does a title company factor into my home buying plans?

Why we’re asking:

The average home-buyer in the United States is probably familiar with realtors and real estate lawyers, but many are probably less aware of the function of title companies. Yet, for many, a title company will become part of their real estate exchange, whether they are buying or selling their homes. Our real estate professionals working in the business understand the nuances and differences better than anyone, which is why we are turning to them to help find explanations that homeowners can rely on.

Professionals, share your thoughts below:

What is a title company?

What are the differences, if any, between a realtor and a title company?

Would a homeowner ever use both a realtor and a title company?

What are the pros of using a title company? The cons?

What are the pros and cons of going through a realtor?

Are there any other varieties of real estate professionals homeowners might not know about?

Landmark cases that set precedence are an essential part of the US legal system. Knowing which ones are important can help citizens understand their own legal predicaments, and maybe avoid getting into legal trouble in the first place.

Please post your answers in the comment field below!

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