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When someone threatens another person through verbal intimidation or violent force to have sexual intercourse against their will, they have committed the crime of rape.

Many people mistakenly believe that rape is a crime of sex. However, rape is a crime of power and occurs when one person wants to control or dominate someone else through force and intimidation.

It’s also important to understand that when someone initiates sexual intercourse with another person, they need to have a clear “yes” from the other party. It is imperative that both people are clearly and undeniably agreeing and consenting to having sexual intercourse, otherwise a charge of rape may ensue.

“No” means no!

It doesn’t matter how far two people have engaged in sexual activity. As soon as the word no is uttered, any continued advances will be constituted as rape.

There is another aspect of rape that varies from state to state, and that is statutory rape.

Statutory rape laws determine at what age a minor is old enough to engage in consensual sexual intercourse.

Since this age varies from state to state, and there can be a true misunderstanding.

When someone breaks this law, they may not have been aware that they were committing a crime. In fact, there have been cases where an 18 year old has been charged with engaging in sexual activity with a seventeen year old.

It is important that people understand the laws regarding both rape and statutory rape.