Faucets and sinks are some of the most used fixtures in our homes. We use them multiple times every day and, as a result, they are exposed to significant wear and tear. Follow these tips to slow the degradation process and get the most out of your sinks and faucets.

• Overflow holes are, as the name implies, a way to prevent water from overflowing if the sink is accidentally left on. However, if they are clogged, they cannot do their job effectively. Thus, make sure they are cleaned out periodically to prevent water damage.

• As much as 150 gallons of water a day can be wasted due to a leak! Know that not all leaks come from the faucet, but they can also be under the sink. Never ignore a leaking faucet and continually check the pipes underneath for small leaks or moisture.

• Faucet aerators conserve water and ensure an even flow. Annually remove and clean these screens to promote proper functioning.

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