Boundary disputes can be really damaging to relationships between neighbors, when conflict over gray areas quickly turn a positive living situation into a miserable one. Problems arise when neighbors cross a boundary line that has been agreed upon, or make permanent changes on disputed territory. Problems can also arise when neighbors are not sure of there the property line has been set, and unknowingly violate it.

What is the best way to find the property line in cases where neighbors are not certain of where one property stops and the other begins? Obviously, property deeds and conversation with your neighbors are good places to start, but we know that these conversations are not always civil and many times a lawyer can be of great service to clear up these legal questions.

Why we’re asking:

Before boundary disputes turn into potential lawsuits, we deem it best to learn more about property lines. Many homeowners are unaware that they are planting a tree on their neighbor’s property or that their home improvement crosses a property line. We want to understand when it’s appropriate to look into legal counsel, and how to prevent boundary disputes in the first place.

We’re turning to our Legal Network members to learn more:

How are property lines developed?

When is a lawyer needed for boundary disagreements?

What is considered a trespass?

How can neighbors best respect each other’s property lines?

We look forward to learning more about property lines.

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