When you run your own business, maintaining a good relationship with your client base is very important. You want your customers to feel comfortable calling you when a problem arises. Sometimes, though, it feels like the same problems are happening over and over, and you’re constantly fielding the same phone calls, which can get old. What problems do your customers call about most often?

Why We’re Asking

Knowing what problems arise most frequently and how to fix them can make life easier. It puts a level of predictability into what can be a very unpredictable industry. Plus, sometimes clients call about problems that don’t require a professional fix. If you can head them off at the pass, it saves everybody time and effort in the long run. It’s also nice to commiserate about annoying things like repeat phone calls once in a while.

So tell us, experts:

What problems do you get called about the most?

Do you ever get calls about problems that aren’t within your expertise?

What problems do you wish customers would stop calling you about?

What things do you wish you’d get calls for more often?

Manning the phones might not be the most glamorous part of your job, but it’s necessary to keep the business afloat. So tell us about those calls in the comments below!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!