Everyday you hear the story, famous celebrity couple divorces and one spouse receives an award in excess of fifty million dollars and more.

The solution- prenuptial agreements, and you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to have one.

Prenuptial agreements are legal contracts, written before a marriage, determining ownership of property and assets.

A prenuptial agreement details what will happen to property and assets in the event of a divorce.

With the rise of divorce rates and the number of second and third marriages, prenuptial agreements have become very popular.

Often the couples marrying have children from previous marriages. If there is a divorce often the property is split between the couple, causing numerous problems if there are children involved.

To safeguard property and ensure that children receive what their parents originally intended them to receive, many people find that the best choice is to have a prenuptial agreements.

It is important to meet with a family law attorney before you are married to discuss contracting a prenuptial agreement. If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement that is legally enforceable and get divorced, the state will determine who will receive what property. Unless you don’t mind having someone else divvy up your goods and property, it’s best to have a lawyer draw up a prenuptial agreement.